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‘The history of Bokma begins at the source. Distillery 'De Bron' in Leeuwarden is where the basis was laid for the traditional Bokma brand in 1826. 'De Bron' literally means the source’

The history

Grain is in the Bokma family's blood. Son Piet grew up in his father's mill, where he came in contact with many grains daily. Because of this, his passion to be a distiller and expertise were born. Piet persistently searched for the best balance of malt distillates, herbs, and spices. By doing so, he laid the foundation for a rich and long family tradition. In 1898, products were exported to the Dutch East Indies for the first time. A striking feature was the square bottle that took up less space than the traditional round bottle when transported by ship. Since then, Bokma has been available in the famous square bottle.
Genever is the most widely consumed spirit in the Netherlands but strangely unknown to many. This typically Dutch drink, based on malt distillate, juniper berries and spices, was long associated with grandparents and brown cafes. But this image is changing now that genever is making a real comeback. That is why Bokma is launching a new series of special genevers - Bokma Rye, Bokma Bourbon Cask 5 years and Bokma Double Cask 10 years - so that a new generation can get to know the unique drink from Dutch soil.

Genever is produced based on malt distillate - a distillate of wheat, rye and corn - combined with juniper berries and various herbs, giving the drink its exceptionally smooth taste, with a slightly granular character and a fresh spicy aftertaste.

The three new genevers are all aged in different oak barrels, resulting in a unique taste and a deep golden colour.

Bokma Rye

Inspired by Frisian rye bread, Bokma Rye is the ultimate Frisian genever with a soft, slightly sweet taste and a typical spicy aftertaste due to the rye. The sweet taste notes such as liquorice, caramel and vanilla are created because a large part of this genever is aged on French and American oak.

Bokma Bourbon Cask 5Y

For the bourbon lover who likes to try something new, this genever has matured for five years in American oak, giving it a full flavour with notes of vanilla and wood. Combined with the fresh juniper berry, Bokma Bourbon Cask 5 years is a special genever with a recognizable bourbon flavour.

Bokma Double Cask 10Y

A Limited Edition ten-year-aged genever. This beautiful genever presents a complete taste sensation due to its double ageing in American and French oak barrels. This special edition has delicate notes of vanilla, a hint of orange and a full body of the French oak. Bokma Double Cask 10 years is blended in limited quantities by the master distiller and his team.

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