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‘Our distillery is located in the middle of the bulb region. With great passion, traditional craftsmanship, the best tulip bulbs, and the latest distilling techniques, we create Tulip Vodka. An original, pure, and genuinely unique vodka made out of tulip bulbs’

Premium Tulip Vodka

The tulips are grown in the low-lying fields behind dunes along the Dutch coast. We use 100% Dutch tulips, which are manually boiled and fermented. After making the alcohol, Dutch Tulip Vodka is produced with water purified by a natural sand filter: the Dutch dunes. This water is known worldwide for purity, quality, and crystal clear taste, the perfect match for an exclusive vodka.
This unique "Craft Distilling process" results in an original vodka with a delicious, complex combination of flavours and aromas.
Clusius Tulip Vodka is handcrafted in the Netherlands from tulip bulbs and grain. A clean and smooth taste with floral aromas and mild nutty undertones. Serve at room temperature, chilled, or make delicious cocktails with a unique story.

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