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‘From the heart of our Dutch capital, near Dam Square, the Lucas Bols distillery brings you: Damrak Gin. With a unique, distinct citrus flavour that is unlike any other gin’

A peek into our soul

Our dream is to spread the pride of Amsterdam all over the world. Together with all you gin-lovers who make the most of life, because the best moments in life deserve to be celebrated, with The Best DAM Gin.
It is the Golden Age. The Damrak harbour (Amsterdam's inner harbour) is the berth for merchant ships that arrive and depart here to exotic places around the world. Herbs, fruits, and spices are unloaded before being weighted and tested for quality.
Gin was discovered several years earlier by the Dutch professor Franciscus de le Boë Sylvius, but it was not until 1700 that foreign and wealthy people started drinking gin. Gin grew into a typical English product, and the hype was born.

Now history is repeating itself. Coming from the Lucas Bols distillery in the heart of Amsterdam, we are proud to be Dutch among the London boys.

Damrak is an authentic Amsterdam gin brand for cocktail lovers and those who prefer not to drink alcohol. We are anything but a standard London Dry Gin with our fresh citrus notes. We are a true Amsterdammer: proud but approachable, brilliant yet sincere, sharp but deep down supple and charming. Delicious in a gin & tonic, served with a slice of orange or two. We are 'the best DAM gin', and we are here to spread Amsterdam's pride around the world.

Damrak Gin

The base distillate consists of Curaçao oranges of the best quality. The distillate from these peels characterizes the soft citrus flavour of Damrak Gin: like a triple-sec liqueur with no sugars. Valencia oranges give Damrak its sweet and distinctive aroma, and the lemons provide freshness.
Every gin consists of juniper berries. Although we purposely added fewer juniper berries to our Damrak Gin, they can still be tasted and smelled.
The addition of herbs and spices such as angelica root, cinnamon, lavender, and star anise leads to the unique taste of Damrak Gin.

Now also for the mindful enjoyer!

Not only are we bringing you an alcoholic, citrusy and authentic gin, but we also offer a non-alcoholic drink for those who prefer to take it a little easier. Damrak Virgin is here for anyone who wants to enjoy a delicious cocktail but without the hangover.

Damrak Virgin

Making a fantastic non-alcoholic drink without losing flavour is not easy, but we wouldn't be from Amsterdam if we didn't keep trying. It took us two years of mixing, blending, and perfecting the recipe, but we did it. And yes, we are proud of that! Because even with 0% alcohol, the Damrak Virgin has its unique taste. Still want to exercise, be the BOB, or just want to drink less alcohol? Here's your answer!
Damrak Virgin is distilled from 10 botanicals in our small but powerful distillery in the heart of Amsterdam. The subtle citrus notes make this Damrak Virgin unmistakably refreshing.

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