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Wynand Fockink

‘In the seventeenth century, VOC ships brought herbs, spices, and sugar to Amsterdam, and liqueurs began to be distilled on a larger scale’

The history

The Amsterdam liquor industry became important, mainly because the city was extremely wealthy. Liqueur, compared to beer and gin, costs significantly more. As a result, only upscale people could afford to drink a glass of liqueur regularly.
Amsterdam was still a prosperous city back in 1724 when Wynand Fockink took over the distillery and taproom that dates back to 1679, and the liqueur industry was flourishing. Wynand Fockink died in 1778 and left his business to his sole heir, his daughter Maria. Maria continued the company with the help of the liqueur distiller Dentzel, and it ran smoothly. Through Maria's granddaughters, the company came into the hands of the Schmitz family, and the company remained in the hands of Wynand Fockink's descendants until 1954.

The distillery was completely renovated and expanded in late 2013 with two enormous new copper kettles. Here the Wynand Fockink liqueurs and genevers are made the traditional way.

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